Visit of rescue dogs

29 July 2013

The students of all classes had the possibility to learn a lot about the skills of dogs which are educated as rescue dogs

simulation game energy

21 July 2013

In a simulation the students of class 6b could develop sensibility for their use of energy and learnt about the influence of alternative sources of energy to the emission of carbon dioxid.

School gardening-Decoration ceremony

1 July 2013

We won the second price in the category secondary schools in Bavaria. We got this award for our engagement for a school close to nature and our work on the project “school gardening” for more then ten years. Thanks to all our supporters.


Invasion of the garden gnomes

Garden gnomes all over the school garden and also in the house were the result of a workshop in form 5. They are allowed to stay there two more days, before all students will bring them home.

school gardening Competition

29 June 2013

189 Bavarian schools have participated in this year’s school gardening competition, 100 of them are from the south of Bavaria. The motto of the competition was “Nature and sustainability around the in school” As an interesting example our school was visited by the jury last Wednesday. Next Monday the winners will be decorated in Munich.

Professionell Baumklettern als Lohn für fleißige Spendensammler

28 June 2013

Class 6b collected money (900 Euro) for “Bund Naturschutz”(organisation dealing with the protection of nature and clean environment). As a reward for this they were invited to  Wartaweil, where they all could learn how to climb a tree professionally. It was an exciting day.

Optical wonders- an exhibition in the our museum

24 June 2013

class 6b visited the exibition “optical wonders”. It was surprising to find out how easy it is to manipulate our view about things.

A New view

20 June 2013

A colour aerial photography with the help of an octocopter made it possible to have a new view over our school

Arrived at the main square of Landsberg

18 June 2013

They had to wait one and a half weeks. Now the flower boxes have arrived at the main square. Now they hope, that residents will help them to survive giving them some water every day.

Also a childrens playground is a service

14 June 2013

Der Vorstand der Stiftung Warentest, Hubertus Primus, zeigte sich begeistert vom Eifer der Schülereinsendungen: „Oft kommen die Jugendlichen zu wirklich erstaunlichen Erkenntnissen.“ So erwähnte er speziell auch den zweiten Beitrag der Schlossbergschule (Klasse 9Ma) wegen ihrer kreativen Testideen. Diese hatte unter anderem Fallversuche mit Schoko-Nikoläusen durchgeführt, um deren Belastbarkeit zu testen. Immerhin haben sie es damit auch noch unter die besten 50 Teilnehmer geschafft und ein Jahresabo der Zeitschrift Test für jeden Schüler gewonnen.

Class 9Mb has won 1000 Euro in a testing competition.


adopt a box

12 June 2013

The fist flower boxes have found adoptive parents meanwhile. Two of them found a new home infront of the museum, two others at the entrance of the Mutterturm (Mothertower).  Their brothers and sisters have to wait some more weeks till they can move to the city center.

Jugend testet (Youngsters are testing) 2013

Two 9th forms of our school had participated in this years’s round of “Jugend testet (Youngsters are testing)”. One of them had proved christmas sweets. The other one had tested childrens playgrounds in urban area. Very enthusiastic they now heard, that they were chosen into the last three groups wich have dealed with the supply of services. Two students with their class teacher are invited to come to Berlin, to receive their price there. We are very proud of them, whatever the colour of the medal will be.

flower-boxes for main square?

6 June 2013

Students of 8th form have built flower-boxes. These have been planted by the gardening group. Stickers made by students of 7th form remember, that we work without turf. On Thursday 6.6. the boxes have been presented to the mayer. We hope know, that he will find a good place for them. Maybe at the new main square?


Boxes to collect money

10 May 2013

Students of almost all classes participated in the decoration of collecting boxes. These will be placed in the shops of Landsberg and are waiting to be filled, to support the restauration of the Mutterturm (Mother tower) built by Hubert von Herkomer.

Run for Help

8 May 2013

Almost 600 students from for 5th to 10th form of both Landsbergian middleschools participated in a “Run for Help” to help people with multiple sclerosis and their families. after two hours (one for elder and one for younger students) we reached the enormous amount of more than 7100 rounds, that is more than 2800 kilometers. If all sponsers keep their promises we will be able to make a donation of more than 10000 Euro. Thanks to all helpers who have made this success possible!

Information about profession on roads

3 May 2013

The information truck of the metal and electric industry visited our school. The students of the higher classes could inform themselves about jobs and activities.

clean environment

29 April 2013

Spring is coming and our students were again invited to participate in the traditional project “Clean environment”. The work was successful, Several trash bags could be filled after some hours of collecting. And the work filled up the cash boxes of the participatung classes.

school and values -motivation day

27 April 2013

Inspired and motivated for work
Separated into three groups we learned a lot about our favourite professions. We could do practical work and show our abilities. The technical group produced keychains made of wood and metal with the help of a silver smith. For the lunch break the social group prepared a two course menu and decorated the table for it. Last not least the economy group documented the results of the day with a flyer. Finally all groups presented their work. Thanks to all, who have made this experience possible.
(A report of class 8a)

intense activity in the garden

24 April 2013

Benefited by good watering especially caused by heavy rainfalls during the last days and several sunny hours with comfortable temeperatures our flowers have developed very well. So it was time for panting vegetables. Some potatoes were “hidden”, our artificial beck was reactivated, the remainings of winter in the bed of herbage were removed and the first sunlowers could leave the greenhouse- in our case the chemistry lab. They hope now for longer springtime temperatures.

Healthy snack for school break April 2013

17 April 2013

Hard working mothers prepared again a healthy snack for school break. Thanks for this commitment for students and teachers! Nothing remained on the tables. Obviously all had been were very pleased about the food.